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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

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This class covers the first three chapters of the classic computer science book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Chapters 4 and 5 are outside the scope of this class. The first three chapters are quite a bit to digest and are worth a class of their own. If you're interested in delving into the last two chapters, feel free to create a new class to cover just those two.

Prerequisites and Difficulty

Some programming knowledge is helpful.

Materials and Technical Requirements

All course materials are freely available online:

Book: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

Supporting information: MIT's OCW website.

Video lectures: lectures on Google Video that follow the book.

Any content on this site derived from the MIT OCW content is licensed under their same Creative Commons License.

How Curious Reef Works

The purpose of the class is to learn collaboratively with others.
The course creator has organized the course information for everyone.

  • Complete one lesson and its assignments per week
  • Submit and self-grade your own work
  • Help each other in the class forum


Creative Commons, Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

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